Thursday, 4 June 2015

Graphing Relationships

Whenever we collect data where we are looking at the effect of changing a condition/variable (independent variable) on something else (dependent variable), we call this a relationship. Graphs provide a really quick, accurate way of summarising the relationship.

In our Rugby Investigation, we are looking at the effect of changing the kick angle on the distance the ball travels. This is a relationship, so we need to be able to graph it.

The data in the image below was taken from an online experiment looking at Hooke's Law (the effect of mass on the extension of a spring). We need to apply the lessons learned from this to our Rugby Investigation (and, eventually, to our Internal Assessment).

This is a very long video. The idea is for you to skip to the section you are working on or struggling with. Do not sit down and watch the whole thing at once!

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